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What is Epyc Wynn?

As a user, Epyc Wynn, former alias Epyc Wyn, is known on the Internet for memes, politics, and rebelling against mods and admins they perceive as unethical. They are the founder and serve the highest position of Meme Chaos in the Meme Lords Culture Club and are the founder and serve the position of Prime Minister in the International Internet Users Union.

As a copyright, Epyc Wynn is the name of a copyright notice filed on a logo (displayed above). The user Epyc Wynn regularly uses this logo, or a variant of it, as his icon, avatar, and symbol. They also use it frequently in memes they post; much of which are forced. The user Epyc Wynn is the sole copyright claimant and owner of the Epyc Wynn copyright notice on the Epyc Wynn logo. The user Epyc Wynn presently does not allow usage of this image for commercial purposes outside of ones they directly permit, but does allow usage of it for non-commercial memeing, non-commercial fan art, and non-commercial general posting.

As a meme, Epyc Wynn has its humor rooted primarily in how subjectively unfunny, ironically funny, controversial, and forced it is. Its usage is also done in reference to rebelling against or taking a jab at unethical mods and admins. Additionally, it is a known symbol of meme magic and the Internet. Meme edits of the image often have it distorted over where a face would be.

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